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About Phone Friend

A hugely successful e-tailer that has built solid partnerships with the biggest brands in the mobile phone market;, Samsung, Apple to name a few. But really it’s the fantastic customers like yourselves, that we are enthusiastic and pleased to serve every day that deserve the real credit!

It’s no special secret that we offer fantastic savings on lovely new mobile phones and products, but what’s inspiring is that our customers love to recommend us and continue to shop with us as loyal advocates.

We know that things can go wrong so with those 25 thousand and growing customers we have served, we have formed an enthusiastic  and friendly customer support team to help you every step of the way!

So really we are just a team of very passionate people that are focused on delighting our customers every day!

Need some help or have any questions? Drop our team a line: 0120-4164794  or an email: support@phonefriend.in